Posted by: marinvit | October, 2010

Orchid Pots

There are many kinds of orchid pots available in the market today. But do not set aside choosing the right pot, because this can greatly affect how your plants will thrive and grow. There is a specific pot that will suit your orchid, so choose wisely.

Orchid pots can be more ornamental, while others possess functional differences. There are many various pots available for orchid growing. It can be confusing to decide, but you can basically pick from plastic or clay pots, also called terracotta pots. Your choice will depend on your orchid type and its watering needs. Each kind has its advantages, and choosing one may depend on the type of orchid you are repotting.

Terra Cotta / Clay Pots
• Clay containers are breathable and heavy.
• Clay pots are porous, which allow roots to breathe.
• Roots do not develop fungus because of the pot’s porous nature.
• The weight of a terra cotta container provides stability for orchids.
• Orchids with less water requirements do well in this kind of pot. An epiphytic orchid does better in a clay pot, as there is less chance of the growing medium becoming waterlogged.
• Orchid potting mixes have larger particles that do not fall through the holes of the clay pots easily.

Plastic Pots
• Clear polythene pots are becoming popular as they allow more light to reach the roots.
• Plastic pots are non-porous which provide less ventilation for the roots of the orchid.
• The growing medium inside plastic pots dries out more slowly, and from the top down.
• When repotting, a horticulturist can have a view on what is going on with the root system and monitor moisture with a plastic pot.

Basket Pots
• Basket containers are another popular container type for orchids.
• Basket pots are common as well for they enable air circulation around the roots which prevent them from rotting.
• A basket container is made of wire, plastic, mesh, wood or pottery.
• As an orchid pot, the basket will need support blocks for your orchid.
• The most suitable materials for support blocks are cork, or the bark of pine or oak.
• Some orchid roots may penetrate the support block and may make it difficult to repot your orchid.

Whatever kind of orchid pots you pick, remember that there is a wide variety y to choose from. If you are an orchid lover, there is a vast amount of happiness to be gained when your orchids bloom.

You must pick the right orchid with the appropriate pot, select the right compost and give adequate light, temperature, water and fertilize your orchid in the proper way. The careful balance of all these will lead you to success in orchid cultivation.

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