Posted by: marinvit | July, 2010

Temperature & Nutrient Deficiencies

Excess– too high at night , poor flowering

– growth poor as food used faster than made

– leaves fall prematurely

Minimal – water & nutrients absorbed slowly

– yellow foliage & poor development control – can survive short spells if assisted

– reduce or increase temp differential, misting,  shading, humidity, air movement, heating


ph – the acidity, i.e. low ph – below 7 or alkalinity , high ph – i.e. above 7 affects the uptake of nutrients

– ideal usually between 5 & 6.5 – there are some exceptions

– organic mediums generally self regulating so ph not so important unless pebble culture, hydroculture used

– problems with nutrient uptake if water excessively acid or alkaline

nitrogen (N)
– for leaf growth and shoot development

– deficient : stunted growth and mature too early old leaves turn yellow and drop

phosphorus (P)
-as a catalyst for flower production and root development

–  deficient – stunted growth dark green leaves/ purple tinge

potassium (K)
– for control of flower and fruit development

– deficient – dwarfing & edges of leaves scorched & dead

calcium (Ca)
– for building cell walls & cell metabolism

– deficient – new growths stunted & distorted

(Mg) – part of chlorophyll & food manufacture

– deficient – yellowing between veins, plants don’t thrive

sulphur (S)
– an ingredient of proteins

– deficient – may stunt root growth

(Mn) – for cell activities

– deficient – poor growth ( trace element)

trace elements
– other chemicals Cu, Mb, B, Zn required only in minute amounts

– generally available in organic media & as impurities in water & fertilizers

Excess – poisonous to plants, loss of new growths,& chemical burn of mature parts

Deficiency – rare but generally poor growth

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