Posted by: marinvit | May, 2010

Orchid Diseases ( part2)

Identification of pest and damage:

Cockroaches, crickets, millipedes, crustaceans

Identification of pest and damage

Damage – eating root tips and flowers

Fungus gnats – larvae of flies, adults minute black, larvae whitish

Damage – seedlings, root tips, in decaying organic matter

Beetles, weevils, grasshoppers etc.

Damage – eating of flowers & leaves or sucking/boring

Ants– not destructors but transporters of scale & mealy bug & aphids . Feed on sugary exudations of insects. Secondary infestation of black sooty mould

Slugs – small charcoal, tigers, large yellows

Damage – slime trails , nocturnal, moist, eating of roots, flowers, new growths

Snails – bush, conical, brown – charcoal, yellowish, small shell for hibernation or prevent desiccation

Damage – bush eat roots & stems, others mainly buds & flowers


Prevention – cleanliness remove dead leaves & old flowers,repot timeously, inspect regularly, act immediately

Cure – insecticides, wettable powders, emulsions, liquid concentrations

– follow instructions implicitly

– always wear safety clothing

-spray in the late afternoon when cooler – dry by nightfall

-avoid watering for a day or two after spraying

-repeat sprays at least twice, at 3-4 summer or 7-10 day winter intervals to kill new born

– full cover spray to point of drip

– sticker or wetter ( sunlight liquid soap)

-work backwards to exit

-do not mix different chemicals

-rotate chemicals to avoid resistance


Systemic – taken up by plant thru leaves & roots

Contact – taken up by insect thru spiracles or ingested through eating

miticides – mites

kelthane, temik, pentac, tedion,

emulsions – waxy scales, thrips

oleum, sevin, malathion, rogor, metasystox

insecticides –    aphids: pirimor

– cockroaches, beetles etc baygon not on plants

–  ants :  diazinon, chlordane

molluscicides – slugs & snails : metaldehyde, mesurol

Generally fungal, bacterial or viral

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