Posted by: marinvit | March, 2010

Orchid Tips

Tips for Correct Irrigation:

When to Irrigate more frequently:

* High Light Intensity
* High Temperatures
* Relativley Low Humidity
* Constant Air Motion around the Plant
* When the Plant has thin Leaves that are not Fleshy

* When the Plant is attached to a Trunk
* if the Plant is cultivated in Basket
* if the Flower Pot is made of Clay
* Little Flower Pots

when to irrigate less frequently:

* in low light intensity
* low relatively temperatures
* high relatively humidity
* no air motion around the plant
* plant with fleshy leaves
* organic ground
* flowerpots made of plastic
* big flowerpots

The water used for irrigation have to be good quality water (low electric conductivity) hence, one should irrigate with rain waters, those you can accumulate in containers at winter time or you can irrigate with purified water(you can accumulate condensed waters of air conditioner). to the water you add fertilizer (20% nitrogen , 20% phosphorus, 20% potassium in amount of no more than 1 gram fertilizer for 1 liter of water) when irrigating the plants with this solution once a week or more according to the orchid type.

General instructions for orchid cultivation:

Light requirement:

Orchids who’s natural habitat is tall mountains, or tree tops, require relatively high light intensity, therefore you should grow them in well lit balcony or in a green house.

Orchids that grow on the ground in forests or inside tree trunks require lower light intensity, direct sunlight can damage their foliage. thus, those species will succeed more inside the house in a well illuminated area with no direct exposure to sunlight.


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