Posted by: marinvit | August, 2009

Laelia Orchid

Laelia Orchid

The Laelia orchids were probably named after one of the vestal virgins of the Roman patrician family, Laelius. Most laelias are ephiphytic and have one or two evergreen leaves on top of a pseudobulb. They are closely related to Cattleya..

Laelia orchids vary tremendously in size. Some have flower sprays eight to ten feet long. The bright yellow, red, bronze, deep purple, and green flowers have been very attractive to hybridizers, who have used them over one hundred times in crosses with cattleyas alone.

These crosses, called Laeliocattleya (usually abbreviated Lc.), are sometimes called “cocktail orchids” because of their use in small corsages. Laeliaflava is a ten inch plant with canary-yellow flowers. It does well under lights, as do a number of the smaller hybrids which bloom almost continuously.

Laelias need intermediate to warm temperatures and bright light. Full sun in a window may not be enough. Drench and let dry until they bloom. After blooming, give them a rest by holding back on the water and giving them 50°F to 55°F night temperatures.

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