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Orchid Care Tips

Orchids are very easy to care for as long as you take notice of each Orchid’s preferences. These preferences include humidity, light and air, watering and feeding, temperature, and potting.


Orchid prefer about 60% humidity. This is best achieved by either purchasing humidity tray or filling saucers or a tray with rocks and water underneath and around the Orchid. This is very important, unless you will be growing your orchid in a greenhouse.

Indoor orchids

Light and Air

Indoor orchids prefer anywhere from no direct light to most of the day – choose an orchid with the links from this page about different orchids to choose the one that’s right for you. Ventilation is also very important – either open a window or turn a fan on – this makes the orchid happier and decreases your chance of getting bugs or bacteria. If your Orchid is grown in a greenhouse you will have very much control over your care environment.


Lift your Orchid to tell when to water. If it is light, bring it to the sink or bring your watering can over and water. Filtered water is good but not necessary. You can also test with a pencil that you have sharpened. If you push the pencil down into the Orchid mix about one inch, when it comes out you can tell how much moisture is in the mix depending on the color of the shaved pencil. If it has absorbed much water, then your Orchid still has water in the mix, and if it comes out light in color, there is not much moisture in the mix.


Fertilize with a very weak solution often. Make sure every 3-4 waterings to water without fertilizer or you may get fertilizer buildup, resulting in health problems for the plant.


This is a biggie! Some like it warmer than others. Some like it cooler. If your Orchids get too hot during the day, water and mist them.

Potting and Repotting

Pot or repot every 1-2 years. One good way to tell when to repot is that the mix the plant is in is very old. When repotting various kinds of Orchids it is best to use various kinds of Orchid potting bark.


It is possible to go either the natural route for pests or the unnatural route. Getting a bottle of some kind of spray you look up after identifying what pest you have. The natural route it to clean and repot the plant, use dish soap mixed in with a lot of water and spray it, or a light amount of bleach. There are lots of home remedies. The best id circulation, and not bringing your plant outdoors then indoors.

Important Orchid Care Tip

When an Orchid is done flowering, cut the flower spike about 1″ up from the base and it should rebloom again if taken care of well.

What Kind of Orchid to Grow

If you’re a beginning orchid grower we’d recommend starting with a Phalaenopsis Orchid. Our second choice for a plant to start with is a Dendrobium Orchid. Both of these Orchids generally bloom for about 3 months once or twice a year!

Beyond that, there are many wonderful Orchids to grow, with flowers lasting anywhere between 1-2 weeks and many months depending on the Orchid, so read on to decide which Orchid fits you and you, your environment, and what you’re ready for.


  1. Thank you sooooo much. You k.i.s.s. for me. Keeping it simple so…. I can get back to raising my orchid. I knew it liked humidity, so I had it in the bathroom. Now I know I need to bring it in the light for 4 hours per day. I think it will be much happier. Thanks again!

  2. Wow! Beautiful! I just love orchids…I remembered my wedding day. We used orchids as our main flower decorations in church and reception. Orchids is simply beautiful.

    Thank you for your tips. I will tell my mom about it. She has plenty of orchids in our garden. Is it okay to spray fertilizers in an orchids? My mom is doing that once a month.

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