Posted by: marinvit | December, 2008

Types of Exotic Flowers


Different Types of Exotic Flowers:

These exotic flowers are native to tropical America. These are also known as Painted Tongue, Flamingo flower or the Tail Flower. These types of flowers are thick and have a waxy feel as far as their texture is concerned. The colors of the Anthuriums can range from red to white and pink as well. This flower has a heart shape and comes in a wide variety such as flowering, velvet leafed, palmate leafed, pendulous etc.

Birds of Paradise:
The main characteristic of these exotic flowers is the unusual and beautiful shape. These are native to South Africa and are also known as Crane Flowers. This is also an attractive landscape plant. The Birds of Paradise derives its name because of the shape of the flower resembles a brightly colored bird that is in flight. These are mainly orange in color and bloom from September to May.

Calla Lily:
This is a large and flaring flower that has a trumpet shaped bract. Calla lilies are native to South Africa and are also known as the Arum Lily or the Trumpet Lily. The name of the Calla lily comes from a Greek word, which means beautiful. These bloom during the late spring season. The Calla Lilies come in a wide variety of colors.

The Gardenias are always white or pale yellow in color. These types of exotic flowers are native to the tropical and the subtropical regions of Southern Asia, Africa and Australia. One of the most popular amongst the different types of exotic flowers, these are also very fragrant and beautiful in their appearance. The flower has been named after Alexander Garden who is a physician of South Carolina.

These types of flowers are also known as the Lobster Claw or the False Bird of Paradise. These flowers are native to tropical America, west Indonesia and the Pacific Ocean Islands. The distinctive feature of such flowers is the beautiful and the bright colorful flowering bracts. Sometimes these bracts are so large that they tend to hide the flowers at times. These are also grown as landscape plants and they grow to a height of 3-30 feet. These types of flowers have been named after Mount Helicon.

The orchids are also one of the most sought after exotic flowers all over the world. These are available in three main categories. They are mostly grown in all the continents except the Antarctica. The colors of the Orchids depend upon the types. The African Orchids are white and the Asian Orchids are multi-colored.

The lotus is found in white and pink colors and this flower is also the National Flower of India. These are known to grow in shallow and murky waters and are also a sacred flower for the Buddhists. The lotus requires plenty of sunlight, which is the reason they do not blossom in winter. These flowers are native to Asia and Australia.

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